Remember your fallen squad mates in XCOM 2

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People are desperate for any information they can get about XCOM 2. It’s even more frustrating when Firaxis posts a Q&A about the game, getting us all excited, and then most of the info is stuff that we already knew. Give us new info, please! But, we can get some cool details out of this, so it’s not a total loss.

Here is the new video with XCOM 2’s Jake Solomon and Greg Foertsch explaining two elements of the game – the memorial wall and the new premise of the game.

I like the memorial element has been expanded. Players can now add epithets, view pictures of the customized squad member and even a bit of info about them. There is already such an emotional bond with the various characters in the game, it’s nice to have some added memorial options.

We already knew that the change in premise was based on those players who had lost at least one game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Plenty of people lost the game, whether on higher difficulties or the first time trying it out. So why not embrace this normal occurrence and let players see what would happen afterwards? What I like about this approach is that it turns the experience on its head – this time the humans are the infiltrators, the invaders, and it should make for a compelling new experience. At least, I hope so.

XCOM 2 is coming to PC next year February, so we have plenty of time to kill until we get to play it.

Last Updated: October 5, 2015

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