Reports states that Blu-Ray saved the PS3

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The Entertainment Merchants Association has just released a report on the previous sales of Blu-Ray and what they expect for the future.

According to them the PS3 was easily the biggest driver behind Blu-Ray sales and was the main reason for Blu-Ray beating out HD-DVD. They also expect the PS3 to be the top selling Blu-Ray player well into 2009 when the stand alones will start to take over.

However where I start to lose the plot is when PS3Fanboy start to read this as saying that Blu-Ray is the only reason the PS3 didn’t collapse?

Didn’t they just say that the PS3 saved Blu-Ray?

Either way, if HD-DVD had won the war I think it would have been the end for the PS3…

Source: PS3Fanboy

Last Updated: July 7, 2008

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