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Resident Evil 2 Remake – How to get Claire’s MQ 11 Submachine gun

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mq 11 Resi 2

There’s a swarm of the undead, you’re surrounded and you’ve only got one weapon to rely on that hopefully won’t alert any other ankle-biters in the vicinity to lumber into your area of attack. Honestly, what better than a silenced SMG that happens to be ideal for sawing the undead in half and being whisper-quiet in the process?

The classic MQ 11 is one of Claire Redfield’s signature weapons in Resident Evil 2, and twenty years later the gun hasn’t lost any of its charm. It has a 50 round clip, fires quicker than the Flash and is startingly effective against the infected. So naturally, getting your hands on one can be a challenge. Unless you know the exact path, that s.

Here’s how you can get your hands on Claire’s amazing SMG.

  • This takes place during the first playthrough of Resident Evil 2
  • Once you enter the Library on the west side of the Police station (after some story beats have been completed mind you), go to the third floor and a cutscene will trigger after you fall through the wooden balcony
  • Kill the infected and make your way back to the main hall through the Spade Door
Resident Evil 2 Leon Magnum (2)[13]
  • Pick up the Red Book next to the door, on the table to your right
  • Once a cutscene with Marvin is finished playing, go to the second floor on the East side and enter the waiting room through another Spade door
Resident Evil 2 Leon Magnum (3)[18]
  • In the Art Room, you’ll find the weapons locker key card, which will give you access to the gun cache at the back of the Safety Deposit Room
Resident Evil 2 Leon Magnum (4)[10]
  • You’ll also find a Regal Statue
  • In the Art Room, you’ll also be able to solve the puzzle involving the roll of film that you get in the Safety Deposit Room locker
Resident Evil 2 Leon Magnum (5)[6]
  • Take the statue hand off of the table on the right side of the room, and combine that with the Red Book
Resident Evil 2 Leon Magnum (8)[6]
  • Use the Left Arm with Book on the statue, to unlock the Scepter item
  • Examine the Scepter in your inventory, and you’ll get a Red Jewel
  • Later in the game, after you’ve found the three medallions, the Goddess Statue and the secret room underneath it, you’ll find the Chief’s Office
  • By this point, you should have access to the Interrogation Room and Observations Room
  • Go to the Interrogation room, search everything in the area and a certain…event will happen
  • Once you’re done there, go to the Observation Room
Resident Evil 2 Leon Magnum (9)[12]
  • This will open up access to the Observations Room, where you can get the Bejewelled Box on the desk
  • Combine your Red Jewel with the box and you’ll get the S.T.A.R.S badge
Resident Evil 2 Leon Magnum (12)[6]
  • Examine the S.T.A.R.S badge in your inventory, and you’ll be able to change it into the USB Dongle key
Resident Evil 2 Leon Magnum (11)[6]
  • Back at the police station, go to the S.T.A.R.S office on the second floor of the Main Hall
mq 11 Resi 2
  • Use the USB dongle on the PC, activate the PC and hey presto! The weapons locker will open and you can grab some neat treasure inside.

Now go have some fun with the deliciously overpowered weapon on those fragile zombie skulls.

Last Updated: January 25, 2019

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