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Resident Evil 5 Demo Breaks Xbox Live Record

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You may remember that just a short while ago, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed broke the record for being the most downloaded demo on Xbox Live.

Well, it’s record of over 1 million downloads was short lived as the the Resident Evil 5 demo has now destroyed it’s previous record with a whopping 1.8 million downloads since it became available and had already been downloaded 1.3 million times only three days after it became available.

With statistics like that , you must know that Capcom are not regretting their decision to go multiplatform and with first impressions looking really positive, I am sure that they can expect an absolute heap of sales when the game becomes available in not too long from now.

Let’s all just hope that the local Capcom issue gets sorted out soon so that we can also get our grubby paws on it come release day.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: February 3, 2009

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