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Resident Evil 5 Gameplay Video

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With the release of a Resident Evil 5 in Japan, many gamers have made a plan to get some of the footage out on the net so that we can all drool over it and hate them out of jealousy.

Gametrailers have posted up this video named “Meet the chainsaw” which shows off some of the gameplay footage from the demo including, you guessed it, an enemy with a chainsaw and a bad attitude. From what I can tell from the video, the visuals are looking absolutely stunning and are running at very smooth framerate as well.

It will take a while to get back into the Resident Evil 4 combat mechanic, as I find it rather odd that the player in the video is constantly having to get some distance between himself and his enemies so that he can stand still and take a couple of shots. Either way, fans of the 4th game will be happy to know that early reports are basically saying that it feels just like RE4 but with better graphics, a different setting and the co-operative mode.

That sounds just about perfect to me.

Last Updated: December 8, 2008

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