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Resident Evil 7 – Mr Everywhere statue locations

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You’re stuck in Trump’s America in the deep south, surrounded by a family of virus-mutated freaks who are probably going to kill you soon in Resident Evil 7. Could things get any worse? Yes, yes they can because you also happen to be short of 20 Mr Everywhere bobbleheads, and that super-sucks dude. Remember, in this game instead of collecting them to boost your stats as you would in Fallout, your goal is to break them. Fortunately, reclaiming them isn’t too difficult at all! Because we’ve got a guide right here to help you out. With some story spoilers of course, so read on at your own discretion.

Alternatively, here’s a a more visual guide from Random Chievos to help ya out.

Mr Everywhere #1

Main house first floor, in the area where you wake up after that creepy dinner with the Baker family. Go up the hallway from the door that leads to a dead end.

Mr Everywhere #2

Main house first floor laundry room. Just below the save point on the table, you’ll find a bobble-head on a low shelf.

Mr Everywhere #3

Main house first floor in the main hall. In the room with the shotgun statue, go to the left as you enter from the Ox statuette door and check the sideboard that is begging for you to smash it.

Mr Everywhere #4

Main house second floor, the Recreation Room. In the room that houses the Mia VHS tape, go to the left of the entrance to grandma’s room to find Mr Everywhere sitting in a little basket.

Mr Everywhere #5

Main house first floor, after you solve the shadow puzzle and find yourself in a new room with deer (OR A ROOM WITH A MOOSE PERHAPS?), look behind the statue next to the locked crow door.

Mr Everywhere #6

Main house basement processing area. Go to the Snake door and check the pile of junk on the right, between the bucket and old cinder blocks.

Mr Everywhere #7

In the yard, go towards the trailer and check the steps that lead into that haven to find a new Mr Everywhere bobble-head.

Mr Everywhere #8

Old House first floor save room, check the left side of the item box next to the painting to find Mr Everywhere yet again.

Mr Everywhere #9

Old House first floor, after you crawl through the hole in the campaign and find a key for the shadow puzzle, go to the hallyway and look between the wooden palette and the wall to find the omnipresent fella.

Mr Everywhere #10

Old House first floor crawlspace, sitting on a shelf in the area where you found the crank. Note, you’ll need to have played the Mia tape before this point.

Mr Everywhere #11

Old House second floor, go towards the weight-balancing door mechanism and check the table. Better break the table for good measure as well, to find this collectible.

Mr Everywhere #12

Main House second floor, after you find the snake key. You’ll find yourself opening the door to the kids room and going into the attic as the story progresses. Once you’re in the attic, look behind you to find death. I mean Mr Everywhere.

Mr Everywhere #13

Barn, testing area. You’ll need to survive several booby traps here, but make your way to the save room in the upper level and scan the beams from there to spot Mr Everywhere resting on one. Pop a shot and he’ll fall down, ready for you to collect him.

Mr Everywhere #14

Testing area, monitoring room. With the happy birthday section completed, check above the door in this room to spot Mr Everywhere sitting in a little nook. Again, pop a shot and knock him down.

Mr Everywhere #15

Testing area, boathouse. Check the hut to the east of the jetty and underneath the fishing nets to find Mr Everywhere yet again.

Mr Everywhere #16

Wrecked ship, fourth floor. On the Western staircase, climb up the right and check the banister to find the little guy.

Mr Everywhere #17

Wrecked ship, second floor. Go to the shaft that leads to a dead-end here in the north section and climb up the ladder. As you enter the third floor, you’ll spot ,Mr Everywhere.

Mr Everywhere #18

In the Swamp area save room, as you find yourself climbing out of the rotten water you’ll see Mr Everywhere in front of you.

Mr Everywhere #19

Salt Mines. As you enter the storage space and cultivation rooms, check the stairs to your right that lead to mine-carts. Follow these tracks and look up towards the walkway to spot Mr Everywhere on some barrels that you can shoot down.

Mr Everywhere #20

The final statue for super-reals this time is found back in the first basement of the guest house, when you return to it by smashing the hell out of a wall. Opposite the couch and on the shelves, rests Mr Everywhere.

And congrats, that’s all of them!


Last Updated: January 27, 2017

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