Resistance 3 – split-screen co-op anyone?

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The PlayStation 3 exclusive Resistance 3 is coming. It has a tentative release date for our spring 2011, which means it’s about a year away but possibly less. Back in October of this year, Gavin posted some Resistance 3 information that was leaked via Neogaf. Some of that information has now been confirmed.

Set four years after the end of Resistance 2, the game will follow Sentinel Joseph Capelli as he travels from Oklahoma to New York city in an attempt to deal a blow to the invading Chimeran horde. On route he’ll come across and interact with what’s left of the human race, most of which is living in fear of the Chimeran Death Squads. The game’s creative director, Marcus Smith, had more than the announcement of split-screen co-op to tell the PSBlog. A few titbits of information regarding the multiplayer and weapon features were also offered.

According to Marcus Smith, the multiplayer will be “a much more focused, progression-based multiplayer experience”. The mention of progression-based indicates character levelling and possibly weapon unlocks similar to the system found in the more recent Call of Duty games.

Insofar as weapons are concerned, Smith confirmed that the weapon wheel would return and said, “New to Resistance 3 are upgradeable weapons, which will give your weapons new abilities and power as you continue to use them”. So the more you use your favourite weapon the better it gets? Sounds cool, and kind of RPG-like.

It’s the playing through the single-player campaign with two people on one TV that will probably have most Resistance fans excited:

“In terms of co-op, we are focusing on a 2-player co-op through the single-player campaign, which can be played online with a friend, or split-screen on your couch.”

The feature has definitely added to other FPS games on other consoles (the Halo series springs to mind) so having it arrive on one of the PlayStation 3’s flagship FPS titles is something to look forward to.

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Last Updated: December 8, 2010

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