Resogun Defenders and Challengers warps in next week

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No matter what game I’ve got sitting in my PlayStation, I always find myself coming back to Resogun. There’s a certain sense of the sublime in that humble, cylindrical shooter. And it’s a game that developer Housemarque plans to keep on supporting, as Resogun will be home to a new expansion of content next week.

Called Resogun Defenders, the new pack will throw two new game modes at players: Protector and Commando. According to XDEV Studio Europe’s Ian Pickles on the PS Blog, Protector Mode will see players “taking to the skies to defend one of the last human colonies remaining”.

Utilize all new power-ups including Super Boost, Teleport, and automatic city defences; take down the enemy and deliver as many of the last humans to each city in order to extend your grip on the planet. Protector Mode features an all new planet flip mechanic and environmental hazards such as volcanic meteors to avoid while fighting off the never-ending enemy invasion.

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As for Commando mode, players will be able to play as a human for a change, as they take on the Sentients armed with nothing more than a lack of underwear mini-gun and a desire to flip around the stage in order to take down enemies. Basically Missle Command on drugs then. Housemarque will also release some free new content soon, called Resogun Challengers. It’s pretty much a fresh run of challenges for the games, that will have players tackling objectives. “Resogun Challengers is the largest content update to date for the game and brings with it a new system of player levelling which is achieved by earning Challenge Points as a reward for completing new challenges and feats across all existing game modes,” Pickles wrote.

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Challenges task you with playing a specific level or game mode with different rules or modifiers designed to provide a new challenge. Can you rescue 200 humans in a single level if every enemy drops one, or better yet can you complete survival mode using the Super Stardust Ship?

The Defenders pack will retail for $4.99. The cost of a new thumb, after too many hours of play that has left your original digit withered and useless, is not included.

Last Updated: February 12, 2015

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