Resogun DLC is on the way

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Out of all the games I’ve tried out for my PlayStation 4, the one that has kept my attention the longest has to be the simplest game that was offered for free as part of a PS Plus deal, Resogun. I just can’t get enough of that gem of a game. And fortunately, DLC is on the way to help get my next fix.

Resogun, a two-point-five-dimensional shooter which takes place on a cylindrical level with enough fireworks to kickstart a sequel to V for Vendetta happens to be just one of the best games sitting on the PlayStation 4 right now.

Developer Housemarque has confirmed that they’re working on DLC, but don’t expect to see this game ported over to the PlayStation Vita anytime soon. It’s been a good time for Housemarque, as Resogun has been well received while the studio itself got a nomination for Action Game of the Year by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

Plus according to the developer, they have something else on the way for the PlayStation 4. Consider my nipples to be rock-hard with excitement at that bit of news. I’m still playing Resogun on a daily basis right now.

It’s the perfect blast of quick fun, and after conquering all the stages on the beginner difficulty, I’ve gone and graduated up to the Experienced difficulty setting. Needless to say, I am failing horribly to save all the humans as the game throws a ton more enemies at me. CURSE THOSE PURPLE PENIS KAMIKAZE SHIPS!

Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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