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Respawn is feeling empowered thanks to their IP ownership

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If anyone mentions video game controversy, its hard not to remember the whole debacle that happened between former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella, and their then employer Activision. While the two parties are still locked in a legal battle that involves unpaid royalties and illegal enemy fraternising, West and Zampella have started their own development studio, Respawn Entertainment, and have begun work on a new IP which they are determined to have complete control over.

“I think one of the things that we’re setting out to do is empowering people here to have ownership in what they’re working on”, Zampella said in an IGN interview. “Respawn has ownership of the IP that we’re working on. So that empowers everyone here to feel more ownership and put more of themselves into it. We’re not the only studio that does that, but it’s a big part of what we’re trying to do”.

The duo have learnt quite a bit after the whole Activision/Modern Warfare 2 debacle, something that West commented on. “The biggest change for me is probably I know a lot more lawyers and they look over all the contracts. So that’s the biggest change for me”

Respawn Entertainment has yet to announce what the IP is that they are working on, but what is known is that EA will publish it. Respawn has also begun recruiting actively, currently employing a staff of 55, with 5 more contractors.

“We’ll get bigger, but we’re slowing growing,” Zampella said. “We had a growing spurt at the start. There was a lot of interest when we started up, and we’re hiring on now as we need. We’re pretty solid in every category, but there will be other needs. And we’re always hiring good engineers”.

“We have such a dense talent pool, and everyone at Respawn is really awesome”, West said. “So we have the luxury of hiring slowly and being really picky. I think that’s one of the things that makes us different”.

Talented developers who own their properties usually make for exciting games, such as Blizzard Entertainment and their entire library. Its still going to be a few years before Respawn Entertainment launches their first game, but it looks to be one that will be worth the wait.

Source: IGN


Last Updated: September 2, 2011

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