Monday morning rage time! Over the past few months I’ve dealt a lot with eSports clans and players and there’s just one single thing has stood out over all this time that I simply can’t handle anymore.

For some obscure reason our local eSports representatives all believe that we owe them undue amounts of  respect. I’ve had numerous players demand that they be respected. Respect for what? That you play a game with a bunch of your friends? Or that you are good at this game or even that you play for your national team?

None of this means that anyone has to respect you. You are not a a selfless leader like Nelson Mandela, or a world peace activist like Ghandi. You haven’t saved children from land-mines or protected your country in the heat of battle. No, You play video games. 

We love gaming, and competitive gaming and it’s something we here at Lazygamer actively push to become more mainstream but you as players, shoutcasters, organisers and managers are doing yourselves no favours with this asinine idea that you therefore demand respect above the sort you’d show to any other human being.  Respect is earned  – and trust me, not a single eSports player in this country has done anything close to earning universal respect. You’d need to climb off your little ivory towers and come back down to earth if you honestly expect to be taken seriously.

Now I don’t know if this is a worldwide trend as we don’t speak to any other clans, apart from the Mexicans who were a delight to deal with. We may be able to beat them at DOTA but they could teach us a thing or two on how to deal with people.

After putting this up for editing it was stated that I should add specific examples so as not to offend the entire eSports culture… And to that I will just say this: If I don’t respect your religion (I don’t), then what makes you think that being part of a certain segment of an industry is going to get me to worry about offending you. You are all old enough to read this on a computer and as such I will leave it for you to decide if you are being targeted by this rant or not.

When a sponsor, media or a fan approaches you remember they are the people who enable you to do what you do, so if anyone deserves respect at that point in time it’s the person you are speaking to. Now I’m not  saying they can just abuse you and treat you like crap. There are social standards that need to be adhered to by both parties; if it isn’t going well then politely make your exit.

Rant off… let’s carry on with this Monday. 

Side note: no I don’t think I deserve any more respect than any of you so go wild below telling me how you feel. As always I appreciate all feedback.

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Last Updated: October 28, 2013

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