Retail Therapy Specials – 22 August 2009

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Hello again fellow retail therapy enthusiasts I’m back with this week’s specials. But as usual I’d like to thank everyone that continues to contribute their knowledge of other specials and great deals with the rest of us and urge you all to keep the sharing alive in future.

Secondly some of you may be aware (thanks to Nick’s post) that as part of their birthday, Makro currently has a great deal for Xbox 360 Pro‘s (Bundelled with Trivial Pursuit & Burnout Paradise) at R2999 and in return they’ll give you a Microsoft voucher worth R1000. Now I’ve made some calls and a certain underground birdie told me that as from next week tuesday, Makro will have a special on PS3’s bundelled with Motorstorm & Resistence for R3999. BTgames is running another pre-order exclusive with Dragon Age and some in-game items.

Remember gamers: even in light of our unsettling economic situation we can always cheer up with a little bit of retail therapy… good for you and good for the economy.

PS3 Bundled with Motorstorm & Resistence – R3999 – Makro

NBA 08(PS3) – R85.45 – Kalahari

Spore (PC DVD) – R180.71   – Kalahari

GTA IV (PS3) – R399 – take2

PS2 to PS3 Converter – R20 – take2

Wii Logic 3 ThumbStick Controller – R141 – take2

Cobra 11 Crash Time (PSP) – R199 -  take2

NFS Pro Street (PC DVD) – R199.95 – Musica

John Woo Presents Stranglehold – R99.95 -  Musica (Ed: Easily one of my favourite games of all time. You have to buy this for R100)

Last Updated: August 23, 2009

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