Rhianna Pratchett isn’t working on Mirror’s Edge reboot

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Rhianna Pratchett, known for her writing work on the original Mirror’s Edge and more recently the Tomb Raider reboot, has confirmed via twitter that she will not be working on the new Mirror’s Edge prequel. She says she wasn’t asked by DICE to write for the upcoming prequel. She also noted that the development process of the original Mirror’s Edge was troubled for a lot of reasons and that an entirely new team is working on the prequel


While answering further questions from followers on her Twitter page, she explained that a lot of the original Mirror’s Edge had been designed before she was tasked to write for it, which limited her scope as a writer. Ultimately, her script for the story was drastically altered and was not what she had envisioned.

You’ve got to love that little quote at the end ”Coming…When it’s ready”

As glad as I am that a new team is working on Mirror’s Edge, I must lament the fact that Pratchett will not be working on the prequel, especially considering the awesome job she did on the Tomb Raider reboot. The trailer above at E3 seems promising, however. I have no doubt that it will look fantastic, but hopefully this time it’ll be a story to remember. Despite the mixed responses to the original game (and I can confirm, the story is mediocre at best), Mirror’s Edge is still a loved franchise by many, including myself, and I feel that there was enough in the original game to warrant a fully fleshed out kickass sequel. It would be nothing short of a crime to let this franchise die.

Last Updated: January 9, 2014


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