Riccitiello ruined EA, says anonymous staffer

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We learned yesterday that EA’s CEO will soon be exiting the building from the back door, carrying a box full of mementos and personal belongings. For his tenure as EA boss for the last 7 years, he’ll also walk away with two years of pay; a pretty enviable position. EA’s current top management has had nice things to say about John, but one anonymous EA executive has knives out, saying that Riccitiello’s responsible for ruining EA.

“Riccitiello lost money every single year he was at EA while I was there, (and probably every other year he was there too). He just didn’t know anything about games, or rather, interactive entertainment in general,” the former, anonymous EA executive told GamesIndustry, adding that “He’s much more obnoxious than impressive.”

The source says that the acting CEO, Larry Probst nows games and the market better, but likely won’t have much impact on EA’s future because his ‘heart isn’t in it’.He also says that EA’s problems run deep, and that it’s currently fostering “a huge staff of unproductive senior execs that have ‘retired in place.’” Older people that don;t really do anything, but continue to get paid for doing that nothing anyway, something referred internally as the “EA Retirement Home”.

“They might think they are (or were) creative powerhouses, but of course the creative people actually left EA long ago to seek work where they could be creative (take risks), and invent things,” the anonymous

“EA hasn’t done much of anything of interest in 10-15 years, as proven by the unstaunched bleeding out of equity over that entire time period. It’s sad really, that company used to kick ass. Riccitiello was the single largest reason it stopped. Maybe it will heal, but I don’t think so.”

For what it’s worth, EA’s stock has dropped nearly 10 per cent since the announcement of Riccitiello’s departure. Also not likely to help with EA morale is the fact that it’s once again in the running for The Consumerist’s annual award for America’s very worst company; a dubious award which it “won” last year.

Can EA claw back? What would you like to see from EA in the future?

Last Updated: March 20, 2013

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