Ride a Beefalo in Don’t Starve Together

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I am incredibly excited for Don’t Starve together. It seems like I will finally get to do the parts of the game that I like the most while making my friends and family do the stuff that I prefer to ignore. However, it’s also bringing some new and strange content.

Over on the Klei forum, a bunch of new news has come out about the Don’t Starve Together options, and they sort of terrify me:

In addition to these things, we knew that we would also need larger scale content to really support the new worlds that are being created. Specifically, worlds are lasting not just months but years, and those who are behind the scenes are unhappy with how easy-going the inhabitants have become.

We’re thus working on a brand new, free content pack called “Through the Ages”, chock full of new content designed specifically for multiplayer. This expansion is free for all players, and will be available in the Spring of 2015.

Wait, people have become complacent in Don’t Starve? Everything can try to kill you, and people are easy-going? Obviously I’m just terrible at the game, but I never felt relaxed about my chances of survival.

One of the new changes also includes the gif above – that’s right, it appears that you’ll be able to ride the Beefalo in the game. Now that will be cool, and open up tons of new areas for exploration without walking for days on end.

Are you still playing Don’t Starve? Are you looking forward to playing with friends, or do you prefer to survive on your own?

Last Updated: November 28, 2014

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