Ridiculous racer Trackmania Turbo delayed to 2016

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Trackmania has always conjured up some of my most happy gaming memories, so it’s no question that I was eagerly looking forward to Trackmania Turbo in the closing weeks of this year. The create-a-track racer from Ubisoft was looking fine at Gamescom, and set to launch this November. Sadly, its become another victim of the holiday season hold-up, being pushed back into the early months of 2016.

Ubisoft announced yesterday that Trackmania Turbo will only launch in early 2016 now, as the team needs more time to ensure that it’s the game fans deserve. That includes making some improvements to procedurally created tracks and the in-game Trackbulider, which will let you create looping corners of concrete, steel and physics breaking chicanes.

The delay will also allow Ubisoft to polish up the campaign mode, which is somewhat new for a racer that has really made its mark in the multiplayer world. Multiplayer is also getting a but of a facelift, as Ubisoft ensures that no element is left to question when Turbo eventually reaches shelves worldwide.

And frankly, I’m ok with that. A delay is fine when the extra time is being put to good use, and it really seems like Ubisoft wasn’t sure that Trackmania would be up to scratch in time for a November 25th release date. That, and the weeks following and preceding that date are just ridiculously full too, with Star Wars Battlefront and Just Cause previously crowding an already niche Trackmania title.

So it’s another 2016 title to add to the growing first quarter of the year, but I’m still just as excited. Who else can’t want for another fix of Trackmania’s brand of ridiculous racing?

Last Updated: October 2, 2015

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