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You know in school how playing well with others was an important part of success? Well, Riot has released a video showing how important playing well with others can be in League of Legends. They even have statistics to prove that behaving well does pay.

For those inclined towards watching videos, here it is:

For those less inclined to watch videos, Riot explains that sportsmanlike players win over 1.7 million more games than average players… every day. They attribute this to epic comebacks – something that rage won’t get you. Rather than berating your loser n00b of a teammate, work harder and you can be successful. Riot even finds a correlation between playing well with other and earning more gold.

The video is pretty cute, but I just find it telling that they need to release a video saying that people should play well with each other. Dota 2 is notorious for having a vile community, with LoL generally getting off lighter. Perhaps they are also trying to improve the MOBA community. At least LoL has a fantastic tribunal system that deals with all kinds of trouble makers and trolls. Still, there is plenty of hate out there in the world of MOBA – let’s just hope this video convinces people to play well together, even if they’re doing it for selfish reasons.

Last Updated: September 12, 2013

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