Riot Games turned an entire campus into their new Headquarters

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I don't think they are evil at all, they just have lotsa money

I love Lazygamer HQ. It’s filled with gaming, witty banter, and of course, sick burns (bro). One thing it lacks however, is an actual building in which to partake in the usual office shenanigans. How am I meant to put tape on the bottom of Geoff’s mouse if I can’t get up and walk over to his workstation? How are Sandy and I meant to break Portuguese bread for lunch each day if he works far away, straight out of that hell hole… er… Benoni? I think it’s time for Gavin to splash out a bit, perhaps in the same way Riot Games have. They’ve moved to a new building (sorry, CAMPUS), and oh my goodness, does it look like a swell place to work!

Check out these awesome snaps of the new Riot Headquarters (via Eurogamer)

We’re calling a new place home: a campus of our own nestled at the edge of West L.A. As we grow, we continue to learn a lot about what we value in our workplace (collaborative and creative environments) and what we don’t (bunk desking). We put that knowledge to use and since announcing our move back in late 2013, we focused on creating a space that’s collaborative, adaptable, and, of course, playful – a space where teams can work how they want to work.

Riot HQ

I would seriously recommend checking their blog post which comes with a proper description for each picture. This is my favourite by far:

Inspired by the PC bangs where Korean players log into League, each Riot office holds a dedicated space for play. This is the first and last time we’ll see the PC bang empty at night – it’ll be filled with Rioters getting their game on most hours of the day. Around the corner we can nab tasty snacks from vending machines, the same kind you’d expect in Koreatown; on the other side, we can wax nostalgic with classic arcade games like The Simpsons and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

PC Bang

How cool? That’s an entire room dedicated to simply enjoying League of Legends and other arcade classics. I don’t know how I’d get any work done there to be honest – I’d be far too distracted!

I can only imagine how awesome Lazygamer HQ would be if we had the money equivalent to the millions of dollars brought in by the world’s most popular MOBA. Know what the scary part is? Most of that profit is made via cosmetics. I think we need to start selling Lazygamer skins on the double!


Last Updated: April 22, 2015

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