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Riot have officially revealed Camille – the latest League of Legends champion

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Camille League of Legends

Last week, in a brand new comic, Riot debuted their latest League of Legends champion, Camille. Based on those static pages, many speculated on what her kit would look like. With blades for legs, many believed she would be a speedy assassin.

And you know what? They weren’t wrong. Riot have finally given Camille an official reveal, and that’s exactly what she is:

Camille is an elite operative who works to maintain order for Piltover’s established powers. It was her dedication to duty that led the Steel Shadow to transfigure her body into a hextech-powered death machine. When Camille’s tracking a target, she’s calm, relentless, and terribly precise.

So, how does Camille put those legs of literal steel to good use? Let’s take a closer look at her abilities…

Camille League of Legends header

Passive – Adaptive Defenses

Camille’s basic attacks on champions grant a shield against her opponent’s primary damage type. The shield’s strength increases based on Camille’s max HP.

Q: Precision Protocol

Camille’s next basic attack slashes the enemy for bonus physical damage and grants a short burst of movement speed. For a brief period after the initial cast, Camille can recast Precision Protocol for an additional strike. If she waits for a short period of time, the ability’s second attack will deal extra bonus damage and is partially converted to true damage.

W: Tactical Sweep

Camille gathers energy, then blasts it forward in a cone, dealing physical damage to all targets hit. Enemies caught in the outer half of the sweep will be greatly slowed and take additional damage based on their maximum HP, healing Camille in the process.

E (First Cast): Hook shot

Camille fires a hookshot in a target direction; if she strikes a wall, she’ll pull herself to it. She’ll then have a brief window to cast Wall Dive.

E (Second Cast): Wall Dive

Camille dashes in a target direction, stopping at the first champion hit and stunning all enemies in an area. If Camille dashes towards a champion, the range is increased and she gains bonus attack speed.

R: Hextech Ultimatum

Camille leaps onto a targeted enemy champion, imprisoning them in a zone and knocking away their allies. While the Ultimatum is active, the targeted enemy can’t leave the area by any means. This arena deactivates on its own after a brief period (or if Camille leaves the zone prematurely). While in the zone, Camille’s basic attacks deal additional magic damage.

Camille splash

I don’t know how Camille will fare in a team fight, but against solo targets? Yeah, that seems to be her bread and butter.

Fleeing targets in particular look like they will stand little to no chance of escape from Camille. What with a hook shot and Hextech ultimate for example, she has no shortage of lockdowns.

Camille isn’t out just yet, but she should be in the near future (before the end of the year at the very latest I guess). What do you think of her abilities? Are you keen to get your hands on the steel shadow?

Last Updated: November 22, 2016


  1. So basically clockwerk with a few changes?


    • Matthew Figueira

      November 23, 2016 at 08:01

      There are one or two similarities 😛 but otherwise, she’s pretty different.


      • Lu

        November 23, 2016 at 08:12

        I don’t think it’s at all possible to make 100% original heroes anymore though to be honest. But I rate this lady will be incredibly scary in the hands of a skilled player.


  2. MakeItLegal

    November 23, 2016 at 12:00

    i wish dota made as many new heros…really i do… even overwatch has had more new charcters in a year than dota hAS HAD IN SOME


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