Riot unveil Kalista, the spear of vengeance

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The last brand new champion Riot Games released for League of Legends was Azir, followed by the reworked Sion. As if the champion count wasn’t high enough, they have now unveiled a new character. Say hello to Kalista, a spectre out for vengeance.


Here’s her description on the reveal post

Treacherously murdered, Kalista rose as a specter, twisted by the horrific power of the Shadow Isles. In death, she offers Runeterrans a proposition: surrender your soul to the Spear of Vengeance and she will exact retribution on your betrayers.

In terms of lore, it doesn’t offer much other than saying she was killed and that the Shadow Isles made her into the specter spectre she is now. I wonder if they will reveal who murdered her?

I don’t follow League of Legends close enough to really understand the finer lore details, but thankfully, Google does. Some quick research shows that Kalista was hinted a little while ago. Over on the forums, a user named GenociderX also speculates that she is an old Warrior of the Predeath Shadow Isles. He was also kind enough to leave her in-client lore:

Kalista is an eternal spirit of retribution, who possesses a cold-burning hatred for all betrayers, deceivers, and traitors. In life, she was a legendary warrior, but while trying to avert tragedy she was betrayed and slain by those she trusted most. Now, she is an undying entity that can be invoked to exact vengeance, but only at great cost: the supplicant’s soul becomes forfeit, bound to her for eternity

THE PLOT THICKENS! With all the lore loving Riot have been dishing out, I’d love to see an animation or cinematic giving a more detailed background of her.


Her skills are quite interesting. The basic premise is that Kalista pairs up with an ally, and works together with them exclusively for the rest of the game, or at least, that’s my understanding. She gets an item called The Black Spear, which she offers to an allied champion. If accepted, they become soul-bound.

Passive: Martial Poise

Rather than cancelling the basic attack animation, a move order hops Kalista in the direction of the click after she completes her attack. Kalista leaps farther when moving away from her target.

Q: Pierce

Kalista hurls a spear, damaging the first enemy struck and adding a stack of Rend. Pierce also procs Martial Poise.

W: Sentinel

Passive: Soul-Marked—When Kalista and her bound ally attack a minion, monster or enemy champion at the same time, they deal bonus magic damage.

Active: Kalista commands a sentinel to keep watch over an area. The sentinel patrols back and forth in a line a few times. Vulnerable to attacks from behind, sentinels see in a cone in front of them and scream if they spot an enemy champion.

E: Rend

Kalista’s basic attacks and the spear from Pierce lodge in their target for a short time. Rend causes her to rip the spears from her enemies, slowing them and dealing increased damage for each spear rent from the target. Rend’s cooldown resets if it secures a kill on an enemy unit. The spears stack infinitely, only disappearing if Kalista fails to keep up her assault.

R: Fate’s Call

Kalista repositions her bound ally next to her, making them untargetable and disabling their spells. During Fate’s Call, Kalista’s Soul-Bound gains a new ability, which allows the Soul-Bound to dash in a target direction, knocking up enemies they strike.

Kalista action

Many people fear that Fate’s Call will be abused by troll Kalista players, sending allies to their doom. this is not the case, as the soul-bound ally can choose when to dash in. I think it is a bit limiting that the spear can only be given to one champion per game, but I guess that ties in with her lore and the fact that it is literally a soul-binding skill.

I’ve updated my League of Legends, and she isn’t available just yet. She should be soon enough. What do you think of the champion? I think she is an interesting and unique addition to the roster. I’m not sure how well solo players will do with her though. Pairing up with a buddy on the other hand should yield some epic results and battles.

Last Updated: November 5, 2014

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