Riot wasn’t kidding–there is a new Ultra Rapid Fire Mode in LoL

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April Fools’ day is finally done and dusted, and while I’m all for good fun, it makes writing the news one hell of a nightmare! What is real, and what isn’t? Can I really simulate water swimming with the new PlayStation Flow? Perhaps that new Big Head Mode in Heroes of the Storm is permanent? Obviously not! My keen journalist nose can tell foul from fowl… or something like that, which is why I know that the new League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire Mode is complete made up garbage – except that it isn’t.

It’s for this reason that I have a severe soft spot for Riot Games. They love their community, and genuinely go out of their way to add fun, new content to their game. They could’ve teased this change and never done anything with it, but they’ve gone ahead and implemented it anyways.

Here’s what you can expect from Ultra Rapid Fire Mode – a mode where your average League game gets ramped up to forty bazillion speed!

  • HEALTH COST: Reduced by 50%
  • COOLDOWN REDUCTION ON EVERYHING: 80% (runes, items, masteries and abilities no longer grant cooldown reduction)
  • TENACITY: 25%
  • ATTACK SPEED MULTIPLIER: +50% (+100% for ranged champions)
  • CRITICAL STRIKES: 225% base danage
  • GOLD GAIN: 500% the normal amount on Summoner’s Ruft
  • TONS OF DAMAGE: Everything deals tons of damage (wow! very description, so damage!)
  • TONS OF HEALTH: Everything has tons of health (wow!)

What does this all mean? One heck of a frantic game where champions can leave their traditional roles and become violent right-click nightmares! Check out a game for yourself:

Two teams, each with a storied legacy and decades of achievements, take to the Rift for the finals of the grandest, most elegant event of all time: The URFitational. Watch as titans of League of Legends clash in the most refined competition ever witnessed by humanity.

There have been some other changes and goodies added to, so be sure to check out the patch notes right here. Ultra Rapid Fire Mode will not be permanent. It’s yours to enjoy for the next few days, so take full advantage!

(Big thanks to my fuzzy wookiee friend for the heads up)

Last Updated: April 2, 2015

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