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Risk of Rain 2 hits 1.0 on Steam this August

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Risk of Rain. You’ve heard it, right? Surely, you must have. Perhaps not the meteorological phenomenon of water falling from the skies and ruining all your dried washing but that fun little 2D shooter that launched…quite a while ago, actually. It was a really decent game, one that didn’t reach the popularity of competitors in the market but found itself a decent cult following for it’s emphasis on exploration and discovery rather than focusing purely on combat, something many roguelikes get caught up in.

Risk of Rain 2 has been bubbling towards completion for a while now, since early 2019 in fact, and despite an initial delay to the 1.0 release, it seems that developer Hopoo Games are finally satisfied enough with the build to properly launch it.


Risk of Rain 2 will receive it’s 1.0 update in August, which will not only patch out some of the more irritating aspects and bugs of the game but will also add in a buttload of new content. These include a new playable survivor, The Captain, the final stage and boss of the game, story cutscenes and even a server browser for all those folks that don’t have friends but don’t want to play alone.

The final stage of the game is the moon of the planet you crash onto and it’s swarming with its own kinds of monsters and enemies. Exploring the moon will yield new survivor skill variants through completing challenges and The Captain, the tenth playable character, comes with a charge-up shotgun and can request orbital probes to drop health zones, armour and other useful items. Cool!


Risk of Rain 2 properly launches on Steam on 11 August alongside an increase in price as it leaves early access. At the moment, the game is still R239 but will likely jump to around R400 when it launches into 1.0. Hopoo Games have assured players that that 1.0 versions will be hitting consoles “in the future”.

Nice, very specific.

Last Updated: July 22, 2020

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