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Risk of Rain 2 to get further mod support and possibly paid expansions

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It’s weird to me that whenever I open my Steam library there’s always someone playing Risk of Rain 2. While the original game was an incredibly niche action-platformer rogue-like, the sequel utterly smashed it out of the park. The shift to large-scale 3D environments was a risky play yet one that seems to have paid off in the long run as people have flocked to the sequel in an attempt to shoot many scary alien lizards and jellyfish. Yet while the amount of content in the game is more than enough to be satisfied with, developer Hopoo Games aren’t slowing down just yet as they’ve been discussing some cool new additions to the game.

One more free massive content update is planned for Risk of Rain 2 which will drop on all platforms sometime in the future. No date for the update has been set right now but the blog posted by Hopoo Games says that the upcoming update will act, “as a final thank you to all players—and also to ourselves.” Yet the real meat on the bones of the post was the potential for actual paid expansions to the game, which Hopoo is looking at putting out once or twice a year. These will be themed expansions and will measure up as “multiple content updates in size.” Paid expansions will be used to keep the game fresh and exciting over several years while also covering the cost of expanding the development team. See, I like being told where my money is going, you know?

Lastly, Hopoo Games has stating that they will be working to expand support for player-made mods. “We have always been excited by our growing mod community for RoR2. We love seeing your creative work, thoughts on the game, and really out-of-the-box designs,” it said. “One of our other goals moving forward is to let modders have an easier time with RoR2. We don’t know the exact shape of that yet, especially since there are many moving parts, but we’re hopeful to support the mod community.” Good on you, Hopoo Games!

If you haven’t played Risk of Rain 2, I recommend giving our review a read. It’s a tremendous game and one that definitely deserves your attention.

Last Updated: September 15, 2020

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