Rock Band 2 Dates Leaked

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A tipster has sent Kotaku a lovely little piece of information (and some pics) showing what looks to be the release date of Rock Band 2.

Of course the way things are looking locally we will be lucky if we get our hands on the first Rock Band before the rest of the world is playing the sequel. The release dates for all three consoles are spread out quiet a bit.

First on the list is the Xbox 360 version.

If these dates are correct, we will be seeing it hit shelves on September 14. Next will be the PS3 version on October 19 and then last but not least, the Wii version will be released on November 18.

I find it quite strange that the release dates are so spread out, one can only wonder why they have planned it that way.

source: Kotaku

[Ed: My guess for the spread out release dates is so that the instruments can actually be made in time and other less fortunate countries don’t have to be ignored entirely]

Last Updated: August 5, 2008

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