Rock Band 3 To Use Vocal Pitch Correction, People with Ears Rejoice

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If you’ve ever played Rock Band or the later Guitar Hero games with people who are assumedly tone deaf an unable to hit a note, this news should be welcome.

Rock Band 3 will feature iZotope automatic pitch correction technology – the same high end audio wizardry used by your favourite pop stars who also can’t sing! Rock Band’s vocal sections have always been very forgiving, but real ears can hear the awful screeching made by the masses.

The tech will not only make you sound better – but it’ll help the game detect your actual pitch more correctly, making scoring a little more accurate.

“The ability to have pitch correction in real-time helps to enhance the vocal gameplay and players’ in-game performance in Rock Band,” said Harmonix co-founder Eran Egozy in the press release.

“We’re excited to feature iZotope’s technology and this new middleware in Rock Band 3 so that our players can enjoy the type of vocal effects that professional rock stars utilize for live stage performances in their homes this holiday.”

Those worried that the game will now make everything sound like Cher or T-Pain needn’t worry – the tech’s pitch correction will be slight, and only serve in making you sound better – not like a complete robot.

Thankfully I was graced with the singing voice of an angel, so I’m not too fussed – but I am glad I won’t have to be subjected to your horrible voices.

Source : VG247

Last Updated: July 1, 2010

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