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Harmonix believe that now is the perfect time for rhythm games on PC

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If you think of a rhythm game, any for that matter, PC is likely the last platform you’d expect to play it on. Right?

That’s my assumption at least, because when I think about the likes of the Rock Band or Dance Central franchises for example, my first thought is usually that they’re played in a living room, where there’s a lot of space for a bunch of people to jam out on instrument controllers, or break it down. A PC is usually tucked away in a bedroom or study – an environment that, in my mind, isn’t suited for such a genre.

That, and the platform just doesn’t seem to have many rhythm based games on it to begin with. If I think about it now, the only titles that come to mind are Audiosurf and Frets on Fire. There are more obviously, but there’s no denying that consoles have a much wider selection.

Harmonix, the company behind many a rhythm game, think that this is something that will change. Cian Rice, the company’s Associate Community Interaction Manager, believes that now is a great time for the rhythm genre burst onto PC.  He said as much in an editorial on the company’s blog (via Polygon).

“Between new advances in tech like VR, streaming, and improved pipelines for user generated content, we live in an incredibly exciting time. One of these days there’ll be something really cool that wows the community, and I can’t wait for that day to come.”

Why does he believe that now though, is the time for PC? Yes, we have technological improvements like VR, which will really bring the whole experience to life, but what’s changed recently on PC that could really make the rhythm genre shine there?

“In my mind, the primary reason has to do with a little thing called Steam. Steam is a huge platform that has continuously grown over the years with new features to improve the community and player experience. One of these is Steam Workshop, which allows for a plethora of user generated content. Fans can reap the benefits of their dedication and talent by making and selling content for their favorite compatible games. Another important facet of this is Valve pushing for Steam to become a centerpiece of the living room experience with features like Big Picture mode.”

I agree completely with the Steam Workshop being a very important tool for the genre’s growth. PCs in living rooms though? I still can’t get my head around it. We’ve had media boxes and the like in circulation for years now. Will Valve really make a difference with Big Picture? I’m still not sold personally.

That’s just my view however. What’s yours? Will PC  be the new home of rhythm games moving forward?

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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