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Rocksmith will be getting to us a little later than expected

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Rocksmith, Ubisoft’s hybrid of video game and teaching tool that uses a real-life guitar was released in the US last October. Thanks to a bit of copyright issues with some band over the name, its European release has been delayed somewhat. It’ll be making it way in to wannabe rockers’ hands in the UK in October this year. Unfortunately, those of us here at the tip of Africa will have to wait a little longer.

At a press meeting yesterday, Ubisoft’s said they expect it to be here, on shelves, on November 9 – citing shipping issues related to the giant bundles that include guitars. they also revealed just how much it’ll cost.

Rocksmith will be available in two versions; one containing just the game and the cable you’ll need to plug your own guitar in to your console – and that’ll set you back R899. If you don’t already have your own, you can pick up the bundle for R2499 – which includes the game, the cable and a Les Paul Epiphone Jr Guitar in sexy, Vintage Sunburst. It’s a fully functional guitar – and once you’ve developed some skills you can unplug it from your console – and hook it up to an amp.

Additionally you’ll be able to purchase the cable as a standalone product for R349 – allowing you to play the game’s multiplayer…provided you have a Bass or an extra guitar lying around.

We’ve had quite a bit of hands-on with Rocksmith – and if you’re a beginner, looking to learn the basics, there’s little reason not to pick it up.

Last Updated: July 20, 2012

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