There are many ways to make money online in GTA V. You can slog through the missions and pick up cash or just find loopholes like this, or this or even this but what you can’t do any more is repeat easy pay-out missions as Rockstar has decided to gimp that feature.

Previously if you completed a mission and earned $5000 you could quickly repeat it and get another $5k. Some of these missions could be completed in less than two minutes if you were good enough making this a nice little money farmer.

Well since the latest update you can no longer do this as each subsequent play through will now only net you half of the original pay out.

Just to clarify for those who were asking about the adjustment made to mission replay payouts, please remember that we are continuing to regularly balance the dynamic in-game economy and whenever we discover that there are unintended loopholes that some players are exploiting to grind cash or RP, you can expect that we will be adjusting or closing them. By the same token, there are also cases where we’re balancing the economy in the opposite direction such as recently reduced penalties for dying. All of this is done to keep things as fair and as fun as possible – please remember that we are looking at not only player data in our ongoing tuning process decision-making but also at your direct input, so if you have any feedback about the in-game economy or any other aspects of the game, please direct it to [email protected] as we are actively looking at all player feedback sent to that address. We thank you for your understanding and patience and please stay tuned this week for more information including timing of the first GTA$ Stimulus Package deposit and the forthcoming new content such as the Beach Bum Pack, Content Creator and Heists.

I get why they are doing this but this feels like it will punish the good guys more while the glitchers will just find another way. I don’t pay enough attention to the game to see if I’ve done a mission before when I accept and invite and to then find out I’m going to bet getting less benefit hurts a bit.

What they should have done is put this penalty on a time limit, so if you replay the same mission within an hour then you get half the payout. Simple as that really.

But in all honesty the real problem here is that Rockstar want to make money on microtransactions. It’s the only reason they are worried about people earning huge bank accounts as you can play the game perfectly fine without the money so really all these statements about balance and variety are nothing but a smoke screen.

Drop the micro transactions, make money from DLC and let people do whatever they want.

Last Updated: October 22, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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