Rockstar hints at GTA V story mode DLC

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A month ago on the GTA forums, some leaked DLC info from user ‘funmw2’ detailing additional assassin missions and flight school missions, among other things. This has been seemingly confirmed by Rockstar following the announcement of the ‘Business Update’.

You may remember funmw2 when they leaked the content creator back at the start of December last year. This quote from the content update announcement seems to confirm what funmw2 has found:

“And stay tuned for details about our upcoming Business Update Event Weekend as well as more info to be revealed on future updates including Online Heists, the Capture Creator update, new Assassination and Flight School missions for Story Mode and much more..”

Now, I don’t care much for the flight school stuff, but I loved the various assassination missions in GTA V, and more would be lovely. But as always, online heists is what we are all waiting for. But I wonder how they are going to fit it in the story? If at all. Perhaps it will just be a side mission structure where you can pick a target and the game world will change (stocks rising and falling, etc). Either way, all interesting developments, and I foresee much more GTA in my future, especially once they get online bloody heists up and running.

Some other minor stuff include new melee weapons such as a wrench and a shovel. Not exactly exciting stuff, but hey, content. Something more interesting is the inclusion of new special abilities to be unlocked and new mobile phone apps. Unfortunately, details are scarce at the moment, so we don’t know exactly what form these will take, but it’s definitely a sign of some cool things to come.

Last Updated: February 28, 2014

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