Rockstar is removing ill-gotten GTA gains

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One banker one baseball bat

Way back in October Rockstar all but admitted that they can’t fix the broken economy in Grand Theft Auto V and if you received money from hackers in game they couldn’t do anything about it. Well that’s changing now.

An author over on is complaining that Rockstar has ruined his game of GTA V by removing the $55 million that he was randomly given last year.

Now to be fair to him I agree with what he’s saying, Rockstar has made earning money too difficult in an attempt to get you to pay real money for virtual cash. It’s a stupid decision by them and one that has ruined the game for a lot of people.

However the interesting part is that Rockstar is now removing the ill-gotten gains from many players in the game and the game’s economy is going to have to start standing on its own feet, it will now be interesting to see if it can keep the attention of gamers.

I’m more intrigued about how this relates so perfectly the real life now though. Pretty much all the traditional rich families on the planet received their original money by exploiting the rules, laws and people. Granted once they had enough they were standing up front petitioning for change and the freedom of all but they weren’t so eager to give the cash back.

Now all these rich people in GTA V already have all the weapons, houses and cars they want and will now rule over the servers with their illicitly acquired gear. So are people going to gang up against them or are you going to find a group of people protecting them to have that feeling of power?

Keep calm and kill a banker

Okay maybe I’m rambling here but it’s Friday and the current state of the world economy is annoying me. The bankers and financiers destroyed thousands of people’s lives and had to be saved using public funds. These same people are now making record profits and yet the people who lost their pensions haven’t been refunded or saved.

But raise this in polite company and you will always find people defending the banks and falling back on the old adage that bankers run economies. It’s garbage, we should run banks and the idea of hedging should be made illegal along with geared investing and stock trading where physical stocks don’t change hands.

Bah humbug… happy Friday.

Last Updated: January 17, 2014

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