Rockstar makes the Daily Star pay for it’s idiocy

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Daily Star Failings

What do you get when a hugely popular British tabloid allows their journalist “Jerry Lawton” make up a story about a fake game just to sell papers?

The answer to this little question is simple if you are Rockstar, you get a huge libel payout and bragging rights against one of the UK’s most loved/hated publications.

You may remember earlier this year our dear friend Jerry decided it would be funny/smart/witty/acceptable to pretend that Rockstar had bagged the gaming rights to the Raoul Moat horror story that occurred in Rothbury earlier this year.

Dear Jerry then decided to head on over to his facebook page and tell everyone he was baffled with the over reaction of adult gamers stating

“These are grown (?!?) men who sit around all day playing computer games with one another who’ve today chosen to enter the real world just long enough to complain about my story slamming a Raoul Moat version of Grand Theft Auto! You would think I’d denied the Holocaust!!! Think I’ll challenge them to a virtual reality duel….stab….I win!!!”

Well not two days later and the Daily Star were grovelling at the feet of Rockstar by publishing a retraction and admitting that the entire story was made up.

And that’s where I thought the story would end but apparently Rockstar weren’t done yet and they have just walked out of court with a whole pile of the Daily Star’s cash thanks to the judge ruling against them in the libel case.

The Daily Star originally stated that Rockstar were  “questionable idiots” for making this game… Well as at the time of writing Mr Jerry Lawton still works for the Daily Star which points to the idiots in the room being the same bunch that just handed over a huge was of cash.

Last Updated: October 5, 2010

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