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Wait maybe I shouldn’t call us an STD… oh well moving on

Rockstar have released 10 new GTA V screenshots showcasing the variety of areas and experiences you are going to be hitting in Grand Theft Auto V.


And once you have finished drooling over that we have a bunch of new information from a review event we weren’t invited to… actually let’s take a second to sulk about that. Bad Rockstar, why weren’t we invited to your review event? We’re giving you the silent treatment so there.

Okay moving on form our childish sulk we can take a look at the details that have posted up about their 3-hour hands on with the completed game.

As we all know Google translator isn’t the best so forgive me if things are slightly messed up here

  • The entire session was played on the Xbox 360
  • Shooting follows the Max Payne style, your crosshair will auto target but the further away the enemy is the harder it is to lock on. You can turn this off
  • Walking is now extremely slow, this is apparently to aid walking around inside buildings
  • You can still sprint and turbo sprint by bashing A
  • Shooting in public not only startles the pedestrians but cars speed up to get away from danger
  • The new wanted system is greatly improved with every police officer or car having its own wanted radius. Also speed is not the best way to get away now as every car or pedestrian you hit can phone the cops and bring them closer to you
  • Cutscenes are totally seamless
  • If you shoot the petrol tanks in cars you can make them explode
  • All cars handle entirely differently
  • All three characters have special abilities; Franklin’s ability is to squeeze through smaller spaces while in a chase, apparently. 

That’s about all I can gleam from their preview, they do go into detail about the actual missions but we wouldn’t want to post any spoilers. But if that’s your thing then head through the link above and use Google translate to get it into your language.

Last Updated: September 4, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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