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Roll out with this new gameplay trailer for Transformers Devastation

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Transformers Devastation (3)

One of the best games that I saw at E3 this year, was undeniably Platinum’s Transformers: Devastation. Everybody laughed at me when I mentioned this however. They poked me like an annoying Facebook relative, hurled more insults than usual my way and refused to believe me.

Thing is, I know that I’ll be justified when Transformers Devastation is out. Taken at face value, I fell in love with the game: An in-your-face love letter to a classic franchise that Platinum has gone balls-deep into with a combo system that involves finishing off a five-hit appetiser with an 18-wheeler thrown into the ugly mug of a Decepticon.

It’s one of the games that I’m truly looking forward to this year, and if you’re still not on board yet, well here’s a new trailer for the game that just rolled out, as well as more details on special abilities for select characters:

“Long-time Transformers fans know that every single robot-in-disguise has a very specific personality,” lead producer Robert Conkey wrote on the PS Blog.

Transformers Devastation (2)

Grimlock, for instance, probably wouldn’t be described as “neighborly” and Sideswipe isn’t always interested in playing by the rules, but both have a fondness for combat. Optimus Prime, on the other hand, would always prefer a diplomatic solution.

Platinum Games, the developer behind Transformers: Devastation, spent a lot of time trying to match each character’s personality with a complementary fighting style. Bumblebee, for example, attacks faster than any other Autobot, but he sacrifices a fair amount of power.

And Wheeljack’s mechanical ingenuity translates into an attack pattern that centers on ranged weapons.

Along with their individual sense of style and timing, every character also has his own set of unique moves and mechanics. So, just because you’ve mastered Optimus Prime’s combos doesn’t mean that Grimlock will be a cakewalk.

According to Conkey, Transformers Devastation will have the usual carrot on the stick of DLC pre-order bonuses, that include cosmetic skins for Nemesis Prime, Red Alert, and Goldfire . There’ll also be three extra pieces of equipment unlocked, that include:

Transformers Devastation (1)

  • The Dark Star Saber is a fiercely intimidating blade that radiates waves of dark energy with every swing.
  • The Photon Disruptor is an incredibly powerful, shotgun-style weapon that has a short range but deals huge amounts of area damage.
  • The twin Golden Hunter is a pair of blaster pistols that causes enemies to drop credits when attacked.

The game is out on October 6, and will hopefully erase the memory of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction in a manner that doesn’t involve dangerous levels of alcohol.

Last Updated: August 27, 2015


  1. 0/10 because Michael Bay wasn’t involved with this game.


  2. Sageville

    August 27, 2015 at 09:42

    Borderlands the transformer edition


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