Romania is now the latest country petitioning for Live

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Romania also wants live Romania is the latest country to petition for official Live (and PSN and Wii online) support, however they are taking a slightly different tactic that may just work.

So far we have had a South African Petition, a Polish Petition and a Greek Petition. All of these petitions have been directed at Microsoft however the Romanians are being slightly more imaginative.

They are appealing to the European Union Representatives (the guys who run Europe) and basically saying that what Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are doing goes against the European Unions laws and is in fact illegal.

I don’t know if they are going to have any luck or not but I wish them all the best. So if you want to help out another disconcerted country please follow the link and add your name to the list. They don’t even have PSN in Romania so they are actually worse off than us.

Oh and if you haven’t signed ours yet then head on over and do that straight away.

Give Romanian Gaming Comunity The Same Rights Petition

[Thanks to RedZombie for the tip]

Last Updated: January 26, 2008

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