Rumor Has It: New PS3 Box Art With PS3 Slim

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ps3-grill copy2.jpg

As an extension of the PS3 Slim “rumors” (please note the ‘scare-quotes’ since its pretty much leaked) there have been some new PS3 Box Art screens floating around as well. Basically the new box art has removed the Spider Man 3 font on the left of the box and moved it to the top. Yeah you got it… just like the PS2 Box Art. Overall I reckon it looks a lot cleaner, smoother, sexier and simpler.

So when will we see the change? Truth is our best guess is that the new style will hit shelves whenever the PS3 Slim rears its much anticipated head. So go take a look at the artwork already, below you’ll find the current artwork of Little Big Planet and the new artwork for EyePet after the jump.


Source: dotdosh

Last Updated: August 17, 2009

  • Maxiviper

    Doesn’t look much different.

  • Surely the money could be spent on other areas than these cheap cosmetic changes…?

  • Faheem

    You mean like giving your console the ability to grill some steaks, George Forman Style!?! :w00t:

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