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Rumor: Xbox One reaching delayed regions Q3 2014 – SA 2015?

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Remember when Microsoft was also going to launch the Xbox One in countries such as Russia, Scandinavia and the Benelux area? Well, it appears that they may be waiting even longer for the console – but what does that mean for us?

Gamereactor were the ones who first learned that there would be a delay, before it became official. Now they’re reporting that those countries could be in for a longer wait. Most people imaged that the console would ship to them in Q1 2014. If it’s delayed until Q2, it would be a bad time to launch in the Nordic countries, considering the severity of their winters. So, if Microsoft is struggling to localize the Xbox One for Sweden, Norway and Finland, it makes sense that we might see a delay like this.

That said, if these countries are delayed until Q3 2014, what does this mean for the other delayed countries, let alone the rest of the world? Is it simply a matter of localization, or is Microsoft struggling to manufacture the Xbox Ones? The longer people are forced to wait for local launches, the more likely they are to simply buy the other next generation console – PS4 managed a more universal launch, what is the holdup on Xbox One?

Here in South Africa, we have yet to receive any word on a release date. Rumors were circulating that it might be March, July or October of next year. Well, that’s not too helpful considering it’s all pure speculation. However, adding to that speculation, if the originally announced countries are only going to get consoles in Q3 2014, it’s hard to imagine us getting them any sooner.

Plenty of people are importing their consoles, looking to get their hands on the Xbox One. Will this affect demand when Xbox One eventually lands on our shores? Will the delay just give us all time to save up for the console’s arrival?

Last Updated: December 11, 2013

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