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Rumour : 360 to get Resident Evil 5 Bundle

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Rumours are doing the rounds that Microsoft will be releasing a “Resident Evil” themed Xbox 360. The info comes via Ars Technica’s notably reliable insider mole. Ben Kuchera’s ninja spy claims the bundle bundle will consist of a red Xbox 360 and matching red controller, a copy of Resident Evil 5 (naturally), an exclusive RE5 premium NXE theme, and a voucher to download Super Street Fighter II HD Remix for free.

Missing are details of included hard drive size or pricing information. This should be an instant purchase for those of you who were waiting for RE5 before dipping in to the HD waters or those of you who feel you just don’t have enough bright red appliances.

Here’s hoping that the console doesn’t ship with a matching set of red lights. (What? It had to be said!)

Image is a mock-up
Source : Xboxic

[Ed]*Seriously what’s with the Street Fighter

Last Updated: January 26, 2009

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