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RUMOUR: Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War could be 2020’s instalment in the franchise

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“Guys, we’re running out of wars!” said one producer at Activision, rather angrily splaying his hand across the boardroom desk.

“Well…what about going back to World War 2? We could just-“

“No-one cares about World War 2 any more, Jacobs. People want something relatable. Modern!”

“What about a new Modern Warfare?” said Mark, his feet perched high upon the table.

“We’ve still got a few more years until we can officially reboot that series. Jot it down though, we can come back to it later.”

“What about making a new war? Like, Black Ops…but in space?” asked Jacobs, concerned that his job might come into question once again in his brief employment at the company.

“You know what Jacobs, that’s a damn fine idea. No one likes the Black Ops set in Vietnam, I’m sure of it. People want robots and space ships! Not tense, real-world inspired shoot outs! Have a promotion, you earned it. Go buy a yacht.”

So Jacobs did buy a very nice yacht, but at what cost? Black Ops 3 is, arguably, the worst Call of Duty game because while Infinite Warfare wasn’t great, at least you still remember how bad it was. Black Ops 3 never had the same impact, and marked the beginning of Activision realising that maybe going back and exploring settings people are genuinely interested in might be the way forward. While WW2 and 2019’s Modern Warfare successfully pulled that off with varying degrees of success, a proper return to the Cold War has always been something I’ve wanted to see from Call of Duty again. It’s just the perfect setting for a game subtitled “Black Ops”. If rumours are to be believed, then a return to the 1960s is on the cards for the insanely popular franchise.


A rumour posted by Twitter user Okami, who’s been known for leaking some accurate information on Call of Duty games in the past, gives us a hint as to what the latest Call of Duty may be. The tweet itself is nothing special, just a mock-up of the first Black Op’s box art with the subtitle “Cold War” typed in a different font below it.

It’s very obviously not the real box art, I doubt anyone would be fooled like that, but the hint that the next entry in the Black Ops sub-franchise might actually have a campaign set during the age of nuclear annihilation and Soviet Russia is more than a little intriguing. Still, take it with a grain. A rumour like this is very easy to suck out of a thumb and have it sound genuine.

This time of the year is also usually when Activision shows off their next Call of Duty, its setting, campaign and multiplayer. Or it should be. Any day now Activision, come on. WE’RE WAITING.

Last Updated: May 20, 2020


  1. Caveshen Rajman

    May 20, 2020 at 11:27

    I enjoyed BLOPS 1 and 2 but please let it die now lol.


  2. Jonah Cash

    May 20, 2020 at 13:43

    I am really enjoying the current COD… I can’t believe I just typed that and meant it!


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