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Rumour: David Goyer developing a KRYPTON prequel TV series

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the first 15 minutes of Man of Steel is the best sci-fi movie of 2013. Irrespective of what people felt about the rest of Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, you would be hard pressed to find somebody who didn’t find that visually spectacular opening sequence set on Superman’s homeworld of Krypton to be the type of thrilling, world building sci-fi that gets the heart and imagination racing.

And now comes a rumour that screenwriter David S. Goyer, the man co-responsible for creating that vision of the famed alien planet, wants to return there again, but on the small screen. The rumour comes courtesy of Bleeding Cool, who were also the first to bring word of Warner Bros’ now confirmed Supergirl TV series and Fox’s X-Men TV series. So yes, their track record has been spot-on as of late. And what have they heard this time about this new comic book TV series? Well, it’s supposedly going to be called Krypton…..

….and well, that’s it. That’s actually all we know about the project at this point in time. Bleeding Cool speculate that Krypton could have been inspired by the similarly named Gotham, which has been a huge ratings success thus far. That show purports to give us a new version of Batman’s city before there ever was a Batman. Could Krypton do the same, showing us all the crazy sci-fi shenanigans of the society that would eventually one day birth the biggest hero in DC’s universe? Maybe they could have the focus be a young version of Superman’s biological father Jor-El, possibly even throw in his early friendship with a certain monosyllabic named villain with a penchant for seeing people on their knees? Make this a younger version of the badass Russell Crowe version of the character – he flies space-dragons, dives into giant pools of DNA, is an amazing scientist and can totally beat dudes the hell up! – and I’m sold.


There is of course no promise that this TV series, if it does indeed come to fruition, has anything to do with the onscreen version found in DC’s movies, despite the involvement of Goyer in both (this could just be another reality in DC’s Multiverse). Kryptonian society itself has seen several different reboots and iterations in the comics, with arguably the most famous coincidentally being the version depicted by comic book writer/artist John Byrne in his reboot of Superman titled – what else? – ‘The Man of Steel’. The version depicted in Man of Steel – that’s the movie now, not the comic – was far more fantastical and vibrant though, and do I hope that it’s that version that I Goyer taps into.

With the fantastic work Goyer has done to reinvent a man of science like Leonardo Da Vinci into a mythological adventurer in the TV series Da Vinci’s Demons, I’m sure that he can do wonders with an alien scientist in such a fantastical landscape.

Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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