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Rumour: Dead Rising 3 to be set in California, stars an orphaned mechanic

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Has the gaming world not yet had its fill of zombie games? No matter how fatigued gamers might be towards that specific genre, it seems that developers and publishers are still eager to pump out a few more undead titles, and it looks like Capcom is getting ready for another round of walking dead fever, as it looks set to release a third core title in its Dead Rising franchise.

According to sources on Siliconera, the next Dead Rising game will be set in California, a small town by the name of Los Perdidos, which is set to be destroyed by a massive bomb in order to halt a zombie outbreak.

Not everyone has been infected however, and one such survivor, Rick, the local mechanic, is trying to rebuild a plane so that he can escape before things get a little too explosivey. Capcom recently teased an image of Dead Rising 1 protagonist Frank West packing a bag, with the text “getting packing for my new adventure” underneath it.

Besides the usual zombie-slaying action and obligatory plot twists, Dead Rising 3 will also have a theme of illegal immigration running in the background, with another character by the name of Red who leads a band of infected illegal citizens that are not government registered.

Nothing is official yet, but if you’re a fan of the series, then stay tuned.

Last Updated: December 9, 2011

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