Rumour : God of War performs a FRIENDSHIP on Mortal Kombat

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The internet is abuzz with news that yet another fighting game is getting yet another cross-over. This time, Mortal Kombat will be featuring one of the most iconic characters to grace consoles in recent years; a fitting addition to the bloody series.

And unlike the last Mortal Kombat crossover, the rather middling MK vs DC, it won’t force toning down the series’ hallmark violence, because he’s just as, if not more violent. Word is the vengeful Ghost of Sparta, God of War’s pasty white Kratos will be joining MK9’s roster.

According the the Official Playstation Magazine, when the game gets released next year, the PS3 version will include Kratos as a playable character. He won’t be available in story mode, but will be playable in regular matchups – and will feature his own brutal moves, fatalities and even have his own God of War themed stage. This wouldn;t be the first time Kratos has genre-hopped in to a fighting game; he was playable in the PSP version of Soul Calibur.

Of course, with Kratos having “Property of Sony” branded on his derriere, he’ll likely not be included in the 360 version, leading to much speculation who would, should a similar console specific crossover.

My money’s on Gears of War’s Marcus Fenix or a Spartan from the Halo series, although I’d much rather they included Kameo, or the ability to dismember your own avatars.

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Last Updated: December 8, 2010

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