Rumour Had It Wrong: No Cloud For PS3

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Rumors along with the above pic were buzzing across the web and suggesting the launch of PlayStation Cloud. This was supposed to form part of the PSN as allow gamers to save and share their trophies, stats and even screenshots online. It was also supposed to allow users to access this information via any PS3 and even share some of their video’s on youtube.

However these rumours were pretty much nudged right out of the park as Jeff Rubenstein (Social Media Manager of Sony) said that, “This ‘mockup’ is pure conjecture,” Rubenstein said. “This is 100 percent fake.”

Yeah that’s right, too bad and oh so sad in my opinion cause I reckon it could’ve have been a fun add-on for PS3 users. I mean come on – what kinda serious gamer wouldn’t love the opportunity to gloat and shove their accomplishments down the throats of lesser humans… I mean gamers *cough cough*?

Source: ps3.ign

Last Updated: June 23, 2009

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