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Rumour : Halo Reach Multiplayer Bomb? Jetpacks and new modes.

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Earlier we told you how bungie had a “multiplayer bomb” in store for us later today. We may have gotten that bomb a little earlier than intended, thanks to a Taiwanese gaming site, who’ve leaked a video showcasing some of the news things to be seen in Halo Reach.

It looks to contain some pretty cool new things, including jetpacks, new assassination moves, load-outs, new modes and a heck of a lot of explosions. Halo;s multiplayer has never really done much for me, but this does actually look pretty interesting – although it still definitely does look like more Halo. For many people, that’s really not such a bad thing.

I’m pegging this as rumour because it didn’t come from bungie. It’s way too elaborate to be fake though.

The beta will be launching on May 3 for those of you who purchased ODST. trailer after the jump.

Last Updated: March 3, 2010

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    March 3, 2010 at 16:50

    its real, was over at bungie earlier…..
    wow this does look interesting, and to me it looks like there are going to be more players on each team, new weapons look sick and i guess we’l have to see how those jetpacks turn out


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