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Rumour: HD re-releases for Metal Gear and Final Fantasy

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Because Geoff unofficially dubbed me Lazygamer’s “HD Re-release guy”, I now feel uncontrollably compelled to scour the internet looking for traces of information on possible titles. And what do you know, I found this. It isn’t that unexpected really seeing as how the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear series are practically synonymous with the PlayStation brand. Well, they were at least.

TheGameHeadz.com has posted an article based off a discussion they had with “one of Sony’s own” about backwards compatibility. The article sheds some light onto the business decisions behind the removal of backwards compatibility from earlier PlayStation 3 models. But hidden amongst the explanations are some blatant outings of future HD re-releases ala the God of War Collection.

According to the mystery Sony source, after the God of War Collection sold 2 million copies, other publishers jumped onboard the HD re-release gravy train. Among those publishers are EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Konami and Square Enix.

There’s also this little quote: “The industry’s best developers are ReMastering their best games. Prince of Persia, Shadow of Colossus, and ICO are just the beginning. When fans see what Konami’s doing to the Metal Gear series, and what Square’s doing with Final Fantasy, they’re going to be very happy.”

Big Rubber Rumour Stampâ„¢ the hell out of this seeing as how there is no actual name attributed to this quote, and we have nothing but TheGameHeadz.com’s word that this was a legitimate interview.

Source: TheGameHeadz.com [via CVG]

Last Updated: November 4, 2010

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