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Rumour – Is Final Fantasy Versus 13 becoming FF 15?

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What happened to you Square Enix? You used to be cool man. Remember the good ol’ days when we jammed Final Fantasies all through the night? But you changed man. You changed. Now, if you’re not making soulless button-mashing new FF games, you’re not even making them at all! I mean, whatever happened to Final Fantasy Versus 13?

Not content with cocking up what was once a great franchise, Square Enix has been twiddling their thumbs as of late with a game that has now begun to reach Duke Nukem Forever levels of vaporware.

But while its developers have been urging players to “be cool man, be cool”, it seems that Square Enix is taking that title in a new direction. Despite having some salt-pinching sources on this one, it looks like this Final Fantasy is dropping the Versus 13 moniker, and will instead become a core entry in the franchise according to VGLeaks speculation.

Final Fantasy 15 to be exact. It also ties in possibly to the presentation that Square Enix did at the PS4 announcement, about bringing a next-gen FF game to that platform. As an exclusive title, mind you.

FF Versus 13 has been knocking around 2007, and since then, the only real proof that anyone has seen of the game is a clothing line and a set of perfumes that it somehow inspired in the East. Versus 13 was meant to kickstart a new franchise within FF for Square Enix, but that idea instead went to their FF 13 games.

Last Updated: March 20, 2013

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