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Rumour: Is the Wii U in trouble?

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Fairly dependable French gaming site 01.net – the same bunch who outed the Wii U and the 3DS’ now confirmed second analogue peripheral – now claims that the Nintendo’s next home console is in a whole heap of trouble. The Wii U, it claims, had its hardware specs rushed out the door too soon and that the chipset that powers the tablet isn’t powerful enough to do what’s required of it.

This means that the Wii U’s biggest core feature – the wireless streaming betwixt the console and the tablets isn’t exactly functional right now, with devkits currently requiring a tethered connection. Apparently the Wii U has already gone through three prototype revisions, with a fourth on the way.

Even tethered,  communication between the console and controller is said to be troublesome, with developers receiving nearly daily software updates making game development on the Wii U much more trouble than it ought to be. The Wii U was originally set to launch in June next year, but according to 01.net that’s been pushed back as far as September.

With the 3DS’s seeming failure and the weird branching direction of add-on peripherals it does seem as if Nintendo’s engineers have lost their way. Hopefully this is nothing but rumour, and that breath-taking Zelda HD tech demo becomes a reality.

Source : 01.net

Last Updated: September 8, 2011

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