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Rumour: Is this the plot for JUSTICE LEAGUE?

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We’re still two years, a director and a cast away from Warner Bros’ attempted Avengers beater, Justice League, hitting our screens, and thus far the only concrete piece of evidence we have about it, is that Will Beall has definitely written a script for the superhero team-up flick. Other than that, it’s nothing but fanboy dreams and one probably true rumour about who the villain is.

But now Latino Review, the same folks who broke the villain rumour, thinks they might just know which classic Justice League story Beall’s script will be drawing from.

Now, as usual, although this is all just conjecture with no hard evidence to back it up, some of you may consider this spoiler territory, so…



Look in the sky, is it a SPOILER?



Or is it a SPOILER?



No, it’s SPOILER-man!



Now just to refresh, Latino Review last reported that Darkseid would be the villain in Justice League, a claim that is fairly easy to believe seeing as how Darkseid is essentially the biggest bad guy in the DC universe. Latino’s new claim is essentially just an extension of that one, as their source indicates that Beall’s script is essentially based the classic story “Crisis on New Genesis”.

Originally written and drawn in 1980’s Justice League of America #183 – 185 by comics legends Gerry Conway and George Perez, respectively, the tale sees the heroes mysteriously transported to the far off planet of New Genesis, where they discover that Darkseid is attempting to destroy the entire planet Earth and then transport his hellish world and New Genesis’ sister planet, Apokolips, into the cosmic space that Earth used to occupy. Which is, you know, kind of crazy.

You can go read up the rather excellent write-up about the entire story over on ComicVine, but once you do, you’ll quickly realize that a huge amount would need to be changed to work in a new Justice League movie. For starters, this story was written in a time when the DC universe consisted of many parallel universes, like Earth-2 universe, which was home to the Justice League and the Earth-1 universe, home to the vintage WW2 era heroes. Also there are the various New Gods of New Genesis, and they’re all in this story!

On top of that, through the course of the story, events force Darkseid to go through a bit of a change of heart, trying out what it’s like to be merciful and even getting all sentimental about his son Orion, one of the New Gods sworn to defeat him. All of which definitely does not exactly make for compelling first time introduction to what is supposed to be the ultimate evil in the DC universe.

Clearly all the alternate universe shenanigans, with the entire roster of Justice Society characters, as well as the whole emo-Darkseid angle, will have to be scrapped. But buried beneath all that is the bare bones of what could be a good screenplay. It would certainly be upping the ante on The Avengers, which is essentially the whole point of this exercise.

With the film scheduled for a June 2015 release date, it’s still going to be a while before we see any plot or casting details to confirm or deny this rumour, so until then let your fanboy speculation rage.

Last Updated: December 14, 2012

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