Rumour: Is this what the new Godzilla is going to look like?

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One of the surprises coming out of Comic-Con was the footage shown by director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) of his proposed Godzilla reboot. More surprising than the fact that people still really get excited for Godzilla, was the fact that Edwards claimed to want to have this film grounded in reality somehow. (Yeah, because I see lizards the size of skyscrapers in my daily life all the time.)

If these leaked pieces of concept art turn out to be true though, then that might be an even harder task as I don’t recall ever seeing lizards this spiky before. 

So basically a mutated lizard humped a mutated porcupine? (No wonder there have been so many earthquakes in Asia lately) Because that’s the impression I’m getting from these shots.

The images come courtesy of Bleeding Cool (who got it off one of their regular contributors over on the Malaysian Lowyat forum) who confirms that while this is still firmly in the realm of rumour, despite the Legendary Pictures logo being slapped onto them, the design does match the glimpses of the creature seen in the Comic-Con footage.

I’ll admit that Godzilla has never truly grabbed my attention (unless it’s some of Warren Ellis’ Godzilla Bukkake, of course), so I really am ambivalent to this new spiky visage, but what do you guys think?


Last Updated: July 24, 2012

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