Rumour: Kinect has a 2% failure rate

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The original Xbox 360 was renowned for its incredible failure rate of around 54% which forced Microsoft into a billion dollar warranty extension to save the division. So when the Xbox One was announced and released all eyes were on the hardware failure rate.

And maybe not surprisingly the failure rate has been very low. Microsoft obviously learned their lesson from the Xbox 360 issues with this generation as the Xbox One failure rate, while not revealed yet, appears to be very low.

Now according to adhoc reports on Neogaf the reported failure rate of the Kinect device is now sitting at 2% which is well under the normal electronic failure rate of 5%.

What is interesting however is that the Xbox One was originally going to be released where the Kinect would be a mandatory piece of equipment for the running of the Xbox One. If that policy had stayed then the Kinect’s 2% failure added to the Xbox One’s likely 2% failure rate would have combined for a 4% failure rate and the anti-fanboys would have gone mad.

So what happens if your brand new Xbox One or Kinect dies on you? Well all you have to do is register the problem online, send the broken unit back to Microsoft and they will ship a working one back to you.

Unfortunately though at the moment there is a 4 week back log so it will be a while before your Xbox One can recognise you again.

Last Updated: March 27, 2014

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