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Rumour – Next Batman game will be a reboot that establishes the DC Game Universe

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Final Fantasy VII fans had to wait 15 years for a remake after the possibility of one was teased during an E3 showcase for the PlayStation 3 back in the 2000s, but the current five year gap between Batman games has felt like an eternity in comparison. Especially with developer Warner Bros. Montreal teasing something every couple of weeks.

You bastards, you can’t keep doing this to me. My heart can only take so much. In new Bat-rumour news geared towards the existence of a game that has been rumoured to be in development forever now, Geeks Worldwide have claimed to have the inside scoop on this project. According to their sources, the next Batman game won’t be an Arkham title, and will instead have a bigger goal in mind: The start of a connected video game shared universe that’ll be established by the team behind Batman: Arkham Origins.

This supposed fresh start will kick off the DC Game Universe, with Warner Bros. Montreal handling that caped crusader job while original Arkham trilogy developer Rocksteady Studios focus on some of the other super-dudes in the DC Universe. Warner Bros. Montreal’s original plan was to focus on Batman’s son Damien Wayne in a direct Arkham Knight sequel, but this plan was apparently scuppered for the DC Game Universe plan.

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The Arkham Oranges team will instead focus on a soft reboot that will allow you to control more than just the Dark Knight, with Robin and Catwoman joining the mix as you get to grips with the entire Bat-faily. There’s certainly a foundation for this that can be built on, as Arkham Knight had a handful of missions where players could do a little bit of stalking with Robin on your side or a proper beatdown with Catwoman and Nightwing tagging in to lend a punch to the face.

Arkham Knight also experimented further with an expanded roster, as post-game challenge missions allowed you to play as Nightwing, Robin and Azrael, while DLC episodes gave players a chance to experience Gotham as Batgirl, the Red Hood and Catwoman. I’m hoping that an official unveiling will happen soon, what with Warner Bros. originally planning to hit E3 with its first-ever press conference detailing some BIG games. And we all know how that ended.

Last Updated: April 17, 2020

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